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We offer an alternative for Sage50 support. We are dedicated to helping your get the most from your Sage accounting system. We are not here to keep you dependant, to keep knowledge from you or to prevent you from understanding.  Our role is to share knowledge to increase understanding and to empower our you to do more than you can now.  We have lots of happy customers and glowing references on Linked In.

We do not draw lines, we help with anything, be that doing a mail shot, a VAT return, a cost benefit analysis or a projection of the sales pipeline.  This is one of the joys of the Pay-as-you-go model, instead of trying to fob you off or get rid of you as quickly as possible to keep our costs down, or tell you this is a training issue and you need to do a training course, we will work with you efficiently and transparently to get you the result you want or need when you want or need it.  If you need to learn how to do something then we will teach you, with your real life example in front of us, things are much more easily understood, the specifics of the issue can be address and lots of superfluous trivia covered in the alternative days of classroom training can be skipped as we focus on a real issue in hand.

We can help you understand your software better and use it more effectively and efficiently.  We can help you implement features you are not using, we can be honest about the limitations of features and the ways to work around those limitations. 

We have no lower grade staff on the front lines, you get an experienced knowledgeable professional from the start to finish.

Sometimes, it can be just a matter of doing whatever needs doing, you might not really want to know about the inner working of what needs to be done and this could be a one off use of it and little benefit from your understanding at other times it may be a matter of pointing you in the right direction.  It is up to the you to decide the type of support you want and to push the boundaries you want to push. Our role is to help you do what you need to do in whatever way you want that done.

Support is available throughout the organisation from the receptionist to the MD, from the simple to the complex.

Geography is no barrier, we can connect with remote access and share the screen.  You can ring for support and have someone with you, at your PC in seconds. Instant answers to issues as and when they arise, no waiting for a site visit or sitting an a phone queue for hours.

In addition to general support we also have specific support services aimed at specific issues such as report writing, Installation of software and upgrades, fixing data errors, converting data, changing dates, importing data from other systems.

Our business model is built around long term relationships, we hope to provide support to you not just today or this month but for many years to come.

We do not ask for debit or credit cards, we give you a credit account and invoice, in arrears, at the end of the month, like most business-to-business companies.

We do not handle any other accounting products, we are Sage50 specialist. There is no incentive for us to up sell you to a more expensive product only to help you get the most out of the product you already have. 

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