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Sage 50 - Data Fix Repair Service - Data Repair Service

If your Sage 50 (or Sage Instant) data is damaged, we can repair errors in for you quickly and at reasonable cost.  We can also repair "end of life" data. 

ServiceDescription Price
Standard Data Repair Serviceup to 5 working days 
8 Hour Express Data Repair ServiceUpload your data to us and within 8 hours your repaired/fixed data will be ready to download
4 hour super express serviceUpload your data to us and within 4 hours your repaired/fixed data will be ready to download.
Reconstruction where Repair is not possibleWhere data cannot be repair it may be possible to reconstruct, by merging a good backup with current data, this service is a "last ditch" option which has "issues" 

To have your data errors and need them fixed/repaired please fill in an account application form here and make a note in the comments, we will email you instructions on how to send data to us.  If you need urgent help you can also ring 03333 445950.

We like using a shared dropbox folder as we can get your data from you and send it back to you in the same folder don't forget we also need the manager password to access.

Data repair service is subject to availability, please call to check current availability.

In some cases data is beyond repair and can not be fixed or will result in substantial data loss.  If we are unwilling or unable to repair your data you will not be charged.  If the data repair results in substantial data loss we will advise you in advance and you have the option to decline repair and you will not be charged.  Where data is lost we will help you identify the lost transactions with whatever information we can extract from the data.

As per our terms and conditions all data from our clients is treated as confidential, liability in making data repairs is limited to the cost of the repair.

You can avoid the need for repair if you have good backup procedures in place as, you can restore a good backup from a short time ago and re-key. 

You should ensure you have backups in place including error checking to avoid the need for future repairs (and to be able to survive common disasters). Our backup guide may be of help, contact us and we can email you details

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