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Sage 50 - Report/ Layout  Design / Writing Service / Excel & Impossible Reports

Hourly Rate Sage 50 / Instant  Report Design Services

We can do it for you, or show you how.

You half way there already, we can help you finish off the job and get the result you want. 

We are happy to help customers learn how to write reports themselves as part of the process, so we offer a report repairing/completion service, where we will discuss your report with you, explain what the issues are and working on your PC with you, guide you through the process, achieving your end result and imparting the skills you need to be able to do it yourself next time.

We bill rounded up to the next tenth of an hour (6 mins) 

Some of the really useful reports we want can not be written, for example you can't create a report of customers purchases where their spend in category A is less than 50% of the spend in category B.  This sort of information could help us target sell key products from category B based on the products they purchase form Category A and so increase turnover without the expense of finding more customers.

These very useful reports are just not possible to write with the report designer, but that doesn't mean they can not be done, we can more often than not help you get the information you need with a report generated using an external tool such as Microsoft Office or the increasingly popular, OpenOffice and LibreOffice packages. 

Excel & Impossible reports

Just because it is impossible to do in Sage doesn't mean it is impossible to do.  We do lots of reports in Excel that get you what you want and enable you to "read" your data more easily.

Our Excel reports are linked to sage and read data via the ODBC drivers, these are linked and can be refreshed to pick up data almost instantly.  Yo do not need sage open and they can be run via macros and automated, printed or exported to web pages and so on.

Risk Free Service

We can give you an estimate of the time we anticipate a report taking.  If we take longer than estimated, there is no obligation to purchase. 


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