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Bespoke Sage 50 integration

The integration of systems and data is at the heart of working smarter.

Traditionally to integrate with Sage 50 you need to use the SDK or SDO to access Sage functions programmatically from in your program to create items in Sage. This is expensive, the SDO/SDK has a high annual cost and you have to compile version specific code for each version of Sage 50 that you want to integrate with.  This makes integration with Sage difficult, expensive and needs the developer to write code.

We do things a different way, we create text files that represent transactions and then use a tool to move them into Sage 50.  The tool is very sophisticated.  the method is simple, developers, if involved, can create the files, or we can extract the files from databases or even reports printed to files. 

We are specialists at integrating third party applications with Sage 50.  We work direct for end users, with product developers and with web developers who want to make their products and web systems available to the Sage 50 market place without investing a huge amount of time and money in the SDK/SDO,

We have integrated a wide range of systems with Sage 50 and even created some applications which do not have 3rd Party software.

Whilst all our work is bespoke, we often re-use previous projects as the basis for new ones and recycle our efforts, so even pretty complex jobs do not have to be expensive. Our methodology is very rapid within hours we can create complete solutions.

We frequently provide integrations for less than £500, it is rare for them to be more than £2500.

If you would like us to integrate to your application or solve your re-keying problem, just get in contact to get more information.

  • Timesheets 
    • Invoices
  • Spreadsheets 
    • Customer Price Lists
    • Invoices / Orders
    • Subscription Invoices
  • Web Shops
  • e-commerce 
  • Shopping carts
  • Online Shops 
    • Magneto
    • OS Commerce
    • CX Commerce
    • Actinic
    • Boss Cart
    • eBay
    • Amazon
    • MailLife
    • Custom shops PHP/MySQL/.net/XML/C#
  • Entering eBay orders into Sage
  • Shipping
    • Royal Mail
    • NetDespatch
    • Velocity
  • Invoicing 
    • Phone billing platform
    • Repeat billing from Spreadsheets
  • BACS
    • From BACS system, with translation of Account references on the fly.
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing 
  • Funeral Homes
  • BACS - Direct Debits
  • Telephone Answering
    • ncall system
  • Warehousing
    • Fulfilment services
  • Exporting Products to a web catalogue
  • Importing spreadsheets of orders from customers (EDI)
  • Service System  Invoices and stock movements
  • Client Ledger Invoicing management and commission system
  • Goods in
    • Catch weight system, altering PO's to match the actual Catch weight received
  • Exchange Rates
    • Get exchange rates from web and update sage with current rates - can be run in background as a scheduled task.      

Examples of Sage 50 only Integrations 

  • Back to Back ordering
  • Purchase Order generation to fulfil stock and SOP requirements
  • Application of a single department to all items on a purchase order.
  • Allocation of Stock to Sales Orders
  • Repetitive Invoicing (Using SOPs as templates)
  • Transferring Sales orders from one company to be Purchase orders in another.
  • Merging Invoices from satellite offices into a head office installation.
  • Account Code Changer
  • Product code Changer
  • Price updating
  • Stock Code merging
  • Account merging
  • Reverse BOM
  • Stock revaluation
  • Automatic payment and /or receipt allocation

In addition we have made several tools to remove misdated transactions, fix data, make data "identifiable" and so on.

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