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Bespoke Integrations from a standard application 

Do you find yourselves re-keying data? Do you sit there thinking this is a waste of time? 

"All I need to do is to get it from here to there." Well, we can do that for you with a bespoke link into Sage 50.

If have to re-key data into Sage 50 then Custom Integration offers a link to Sage 50, a way to vastly improve efficiency without expensive custom programming.

If you are a developer, not only can we provide a really cost effective and pretty slick link from your application to Sage 50, but, we can integrate your product with all the current and (we expect) all future windows versions of Sage 50 with one unchanging interface from your point of view.  

So if this is a one-off need to integrate to Sage 50 or a whole new market for you we can provide a solution for you.  You don't have to buy the SDK and maintain lots of different versions of code to integrate with Sage 50. 

By using a standard application at the core of our integration link, we can develop links rapidly and at low cost, we can offer, compatibility with all current releases of Sage 50 and can normally offer access to the latest versions of Sage 50 within weeks of the new releases.  

How to link your application to Sage 50?

You need to get the data out of your application and into a machine readable form so that we can use it to create transactions in Sage 50.

At the most crude level this could be a report printed to a text file.  We would prefer something a little more manageable, a csv or xml would be great, we can also use tables from ODBC accessible databases.

You need to get the data to a location where we can access it, this could be an agreed directory path, a location on an ftp server or a pop3 email account.

You need to provide us with a clear specification of the data you are producing and what you expect the integration to do.

For example you could provide us with a two column csv file of account numbers and product codes.  You could ask us to produce invoices from these, using "todays" date a quantity of 1 and to pick up the price from sage, apply discounts, and so on in the same way the sage user interface would. 

We are happy to help you through the parts you needs to do, we can help you get your data out, and workout which bits of your data go where in Sage 50.

Types of integration:

  • Batch integration
  • Single Transaction integration

Ways to trigger the integration process:

  1. Periodic execution.  the integration process is run as a scheduled task
  2. User initiation. The user could use a desktop shortcut to start the integration process.
  3. GUI initiation. The user can use the GUI interface to run the integration.
  4. Application initiation, single transaction.  The integration can be initiated form another application, through the use of a shell call, it returns an errorlevel indicating the success of the transaction. We can switch off all user interaction for this kind of integration, so that the user does not see anything.
  5. Application initiation, batch transaction. As above the transaction is initiated by the application (this could be as simple as some VBA in an excel spreadsheet) we still switch off most of the user interface except dialogues and progress bars which can be customised with your own wording.

What modules can we integrate with?

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Purchase orders 
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoicing 
  • Sales invoices
  • Journals
  • Bank Payments
  • Bank Receipts
  • Allocation of payments/receipts
  • Stock Records
  • Stock Transactions
  • Price Lists 

What sort of applications is it suitable for?

Just about anything, we can take data from a unix EPOS system, off a .net ecommerce web site and everything in between.  We have not found anything we can not integrate into Sage 50. If you have access to source code then that makes life easier and gives you a slicker integration and extra controls, however, we do work very successfully without it. 

What about accessing data from Sage 50 - a reverse integration link?

We can feed data back to you from Sage 50 in csv, xml, or directly into tables in a database. Generally we do this to confirm processing of data, but potentially could be done for other purposes.

What does it cost?

The cost of configuring the integration link software and getting it to perform is variable.  The complexity of the task, the number of tasks we need to do, numbers of users, numbers of data sets and so on.   The vast majority of customers get a solution that takes less than 4 hours to write/test and deploy.  

Can I have a trial?

Yes, no problem

What if I upgrade to a newer version of Sage 50

You only need to update the core program, there is no customisation cost to upgrading. 

What about Quick Books, Sage 200, Pegasus?

Sorry we only do Sage 50

Any Other Questions?

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