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There is nothing wrong in hard work, but if we can make life easier, reduce mistakes, improve the customer experience, speed things up, reduce capital tied up, make resources available for other things then we should do it.  

We can build custom solutions to integrate systems and remarkably low cost and we have several existing customisations for a wide range of products that can be adapted for you rather than written from scratch.

Our process is simple, 

  • Strengths 
    • What is working well
    • What is the level of understanding
  • Weakness 
    • What are the pain points
    • What takes time and money
  • Opportunities
    • What could be done to save money/time
    • What could be done to increase profits
  • Threats
    • What would happen in a disaster scenario
    • How would things be recovered
  • Values
    • What are these worth
    • How much does it cost
  • Action
    • Testing, trailing, evaluating
    • Implementing, learning and pushing

Build on strengths is a great way to grow.  If the strength is not there it will not be created by buying software. People buy CRM thinking that having the software will make things happen, but the software and cost savings of automation are relatively small, if people don't do the mail shots manually, they still might not do them when they are a bit easier.

Weaknesses in systems are often easy to identify, it is wasteful to re-key invoices from one system into another, using skilled staff to stuff envelopes.  We know the things that are painful about the software we already use.

Shopping around is a great way to discover opportunities, automated methods, ideas that make sense

There are always threats, systems need to be prepared for the more likely disasters, printers breaking, computers being stolen and hard disks failing.

Once we have this groundwork of what needs to be done, we can then put values on them all, how much would it cost if we did not back up and lost all our data? How much would a 5% increase in turnover deliver on the bottom line?  What is the cost of the system, it's implementation and 

I like to write a list of the painful things to get rid of and the cool things we would like to have. Once values we know what the most important things are and what the least important things are and can start looking at what we need to do. 

Our broad knowledge of business systems enables us to help you make the most of the systems you have and can help you add on and extend, build and grow in an intelligent and cost effective way that will maximise returns.

Good systems make good solutions, we are not tied to the mantra of I.T. we know that sometimes simple systems like a bit of paper a pencil (with a rubber) and clip board can outperform iPads and we should use them where appropriate.  Systems are not about computer technology, not are they about more general technology (including pencils) they are about how things go together in the broader sense.



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