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Sage 50 - Sage Instant - Year End Date Change Service 

If you are unable to change the year end date in your version of Sage 50 or Sage Instant, we will do it for you.

You can either email your backup to us or we can collect the data from your desktop.

You  tell us what month and year you want the year to START and we will change it for you.

For most data sets that can be emailed we charge £35

For large data sets where we collect from your desktop we charge £62

To get your year start date changed  fill in an account application form and give us a call on 03333 445950.


Changes as a result

Extended Years: As a result of extending a financial year, the brought forward balance becomes the entire balance for all periods prior to the new year start.  You should run all period reports prior to changing the year end as the consolidated amount can not be reported on.  (It is possible to run "transactional" reports for any period including earlier periods as all transactions are there.  The standard reports use consolidated "bucket" values as a shortcut and these "bucket" values only exist for the 14 fixed reporting periods Brought forward, Months 1 to 12 and Future)

Short Years: As a result of shortening a year the first period will be one or more periods into the year and what had been the brought forward figure may now be spread over earlier period including the brought forward period. 

Before upgrading

You should backup and keep your backup in a safe place.

If your version allows to creating archives, creating an archive for reference purposes may be useful.

After updating you may

Need to upgrade your Sage 50 / Instant accounts to the latest version:-

This is because we always use the latest version so you need to upgrade to retain compliance.
Recent versions of Sage 50 will upgrade automatically.  If Automatic upgrade does not work or if you are on an older version that does not update automatically, go to https://sage.co.uk/au to get the updates (It can be helpful to upgrade before sending data in.

Need to log in:-

We use a multi-company,multi-user version of the software so it automatically turns on "Access Rights" 
You can log in with the username MANAGER and whatever password (if any) you had set before.  
You can switch off this behaviour by going to Settings>Company Preferences>Parameters and un ticking the "Access Rights" box.

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