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Sage 50 Data Cleaning - Cleansing - Shrinking

Sage 50 will grow and grow in size and you may be advised you that you have outgrown Sage50, however, if you have many years of old data, that may not be the case, perhaps all you need is to clean your data up.

We are Sage 50 specialists, we understand many of the issues that occur in real life data and can use our experience to overcome what may seem insurmountable issues.

Data cleansing is not a straightforward operation as there are always accounting issues that are involved.

The way we approach the task is to get a backup of your data, we then analyse it, find the problem areas and in conjunction with your team we resolve them and reduce the size of your data files.

Once the groundwork has been done, we will take a second backup to check all is still good and there are no new issues and get any last moment issues resolved. 

At this point you will need to take a backup and stop working on Sage whilst we correct the issues, once corrected, we will return you a new clean backup much reduced in size.

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