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The very first application of Information Technology was in the Finance sector, yet even today, there seems to be a gulfs.  There are Accounting people, Technical people, and Business people but where are the people who join this all together, to get things to work, make systems joined up, smooth, efficient and accountable, where are the people to just make it happen?  Well you have found them!

We are not system vendors, who will supply a fancy new computer system.  We are not software vendors who will shoe horn your business into a package. We are not accountants who will try and get you to fit in with their system. 

We don't see Sage 50 as a way of finding customers to upgrade to Sage 200 or Sage 1000 or anything else, we ONLY work with Sage 50 (and Sage Instant) so we are here to help you get what you want out of your existing Sage 50 (or Sage Instant) system.  We don't support other versions of Sage, there is no profit for us in selling you an upgrade so we are not going to do it, our interest is in keeping you on your product and and making it work as best it can for you.

Holistic Sage Support: We know business, we know accounts and we know Sage 50.  If you need a solution to a business accounting issue we can provide it. We are not tax advisors, we are not auditors, we just do business. We are someone to ask, to support you, making the process of learning easier. We offer support for all users of all levels. We can are fluent in Accounting, Computers, Sage and Business.

Sage 50 Services: We offer a range of services for Sage 50 some at fixed price for support, report writing, data repairs, training and so on.

Get more  from Sage 50: Disjointed systems, that require double entry are wrong. You have an Idea but no one knows how to implement it.  You have things that just take too much time.  You have annoyances and aggravation that drive you round the bend.  

We can remove the joins, create automated linked up systems, help implement, teach you to use things you didn't know you already had.  Show you how to do things in a fraction of the time. Help you find more ways to make more money, reduce costs and have smarter systems.

Accredited: We are fully Sage accredited, so you can trust we know what we are doing.

Sage 50 Software: As accredited Sage 50 resellers, in the UK and Eire, we can provide you with all the stationery, SageCover, additional software, upgrades, extra licensing you want and 

If you buy your subscription through us we will give you credit back to your account.

We always beat any price Sage offer you on new software, SageCover, stationery, additional licensing, even a special one off, just for you price so talk to us before buying anything.

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Pay as you go Sage 50 Support, Data repair, Sage Reports, Excel- Sage 50 Data Links and Reports, 3rd Party integration and more!
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