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Systems need to be secured, in lots of ways

Backup: In all the years we have been running we have NEVER had a problem because of too many backups.  However we have seen these backup problems

  • Being stolen with the data safe (they must have thought there was money in it)
  • Being burnt in the fire with the server
  • Being unreadable (magnetic hand bag catches, worn out media)
  • Being expensive to restore , the hardware was so old we could not find a new drive and had to pay the earth for an old one (which was immediately made redundant)
  • Being not done - people forgot to do them
  • Overwritten, incremental tape sets where someone erased the first tape to put the next incremental backup on when they ran out of space.
  • Missing tapes, part of an incremental set lost with the PC
  • Corrupt data on the backup.
  • Broken, no one knew it wasn't working.

We can provide simple low or no cost backup systems that will offer high level of protection with some level of automation and some level of staff awareness and checking.

Our backup guide has more information, contact us if you would like a copy

Theft: The hardware cost of theft is covered by your insurance, but what about the cost of data theft? Do you have precautions in place to 

  • Detect data theft
  • To identify the thief
  • To prevent theft
  • To have evidence to enable you to prosecute and win damages
  • To have policy that staff know

Spam: Seems to be the bane of everyone's inbox, but you can protect yourself, Spam filters are useless, no one has time to check through Spam and important emails are potentially being lost. You can as a user take action to reduce the chance of getting spam and to reduce the amount of spam.  You can also have spam rejection services that reject spam back to the sender rather than filtering it.

Virus: It always surprises us how many PC's we come across that have no virus protection, or protection that has expired, not been renewed etc. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Whilst no anti-virus protection is 100% not having any is an expensive accident waiting to happen.

Cra You might know these as Hackers, these are people illegally breaking into computer systems, they use a range of tools, con tricks to get people to install software, password guessing and more.  You need to keep them out and keep your data secure.


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