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Sage 50 SageCover - How to cancel SageCover

The terms of your SageCover Agreement as at 08/10/2013 are here this is the only authoritative document and is subject to change (you may have agreed to the changes without realising Section 8g gives the full details) as at 08/10/2013 the section 5b reads

"You may end this agreement at any time by giving to us at least seven days notice during your subscription period by calling us on 0845 111 66 66. If you do, you will not be entitled to any refund of your subscription fees and if you have not paid all of your subscription fees for that subscription period, you must also pay them to us immediately. If you owe us any other amounts in relation to this agreement at the time you end this agreement, you must also pay them to us immediately"

We are not a legal advisors and you should not take our interpretation as being that of a Judge in the UK courts

We believe that if you cancel less than 7 days before the new period starts, you are still be liable for the next years SageCover bill.

It reads as if they will not allow you to pay by instalments for the rest of your contract if you cancel early, so in effect you get a 3 week window in which to cancel and still keep the payment by instalments. We have never heard of anyone having problems cancelling early, if anyone does have experience of this good or bad, we would like to hear from you.

The telephone call method of cancellation make this a grey area and open to errors, how can you prove you spoke to someone and cancelled, or perhaps how can they prove you didn't. 

If you want to know when your SageCover contract ends you can ask us to find out for you by using the contact form we make no charge for doing this.


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