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Sage 50 SageCover - Pay as you go support cost


We only charge you for the time you use** If you use us less - you get charged less.

When comparing costs you may also  want to consider the cost of your time, in call queues, we don't keep you hold you can leave voice mail and we will call you back as soon as we can.  

We have normal phone numbers to call for support, these are not excluded from bundled call packages and are charged at normal rates.

SageCover guarantee:-  If you are not happy with the support we provide, we will move you back to SageCover, we will also credit your last invoice so that the support costs are no more than the pro-rata cost of SageCover*

"Pay as you go" support covers desktops, servers, anti virus and many other applications not just Sage 50. 

If you have SageCover Extra you are paying for upgrades every year whether you install them or not, this might not be the most cost effective way of maintaining your system. We can offer savings by providing you with upgrades only when you want or need them, not only do you save on upgrade costs you also save on hassle implementing the upgrade and the user disruption that follows. 

Want to change to "Pay as you go" or buy SageCover, call now on 03333 445950 - hit the account apply button below and don't forget to cancel any existing SageCover.

* Providing your account is in good standing.

** We charge for our time rounded up to the tenth of an hour,  so 1-6min is 0.1 hours 7-12 mins is 0.2 hours and so on.


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