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Support options

We offer these support options:

1. Pay as you Go - (Desktop, Sage 50 Accounts, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Open Office, Thunderbird.)

2. Annual Contract SageCover & SageCover Extra 

3. Regular Sage 50 Accounts upgrades

4. Free Support

"Pay as you go"

You simply pay for the time you use, if you don't use there is no cost. The current rate is £72.60 per hour and we charge on the exact time rounded up to the next 10th of an hour, you are billed at the end of each month. 

"Annual contracts"

SageCover and SageCover extra are support services delivered to you by Sage direct, they are annual contracts and once purchased can not be prematurely ended, to cancel you can simply not take up the option of renewal when your invoice is received or you can give advanced notification to terminate, this must be made to Sage not us. We offer a 5% discount on the purchase of SageCover however, this does not apply to renewals which are done directly with Sage. You could cancel each year and renew through us if you want 5% discount every year.  SageCover Extra add many additional features to the standard SageCover most notably the provision of Upgrades every year, whilst this is a great value for money option, it is only good value if you actually install the upgrades every year.  We strongly advise not installing the upgrades as soon as they come out, it is always a good idea to wait a month or two for the other users to iron out any issues there may be.  Sagecover is only available to users of recent version of Sage 50.

"Regular upgrades"

If you do not want to upgrade ever year, then we offer our free upgrade service, to register you  simply let us know your current version and if you would like to upgrade every 3,4 or 5 years.  We will contact you when it is time to upgrade and let you know.

"Free support"

We offer free support to general users vie our support site and our forum.  If you represent a charity, a community or social enterprise, please contact us as we may offer free or discounted support for some cases.  


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