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Accounting is not difficult, but lots of people get into difficulties. 

Having someone you can turn to to help and support you through those difficulties is essential.

Most Staff are comfortable doing bookkeeping, raising invoices things like that, but when it comes to VAT returns a few become nervous, if you want a set of management accounts then many start to get out of their depth, ask for a break down of store sales/profitability by branch and salesperson with a history and even really good people will be scratching their heads.

We are not a replacement for your Accountant, we are not qualified to give tax advice.

We are not a replacement for your internal management accountant.

We are not a replacement for your staff.

We are here to helping you, and your staff, get meaningful business accounts that help you run your business, help you understand what is going on, spot opportunities and threats.

If you want to know which stores perform best, which products sell and so on it is not to difficult, but what if you want to cross reference the two, or want to know who is buying this but not buying that then things get a little more difficult.

Accounts are not complicated to understand, although sometimes we wonder if some "smoke and mirrors" hasn't been used to hype the work of accountants.

We work with your staff to product the figures you need, we transfer knowledge to them so that more of the skills become available in house, but only as far as they want to go, sometimes things are beyond the ambition of staff, or too advanced at the time we need to do them, so sometimes we can just do it.

We can be an extra pair of eyes, a sounding board, we can ask questions, we can go and find answers.


Pay as you go Sage 50 Support, Data repair, Sage Reports, Excel- Sage 50 Data Links and Reports, 3rd Party integration and more!
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