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Portfolio of Existing applications - Van Sales

Our client had a need for an inexpensive van sales solution for multple vehicles.

The system we developed allowed for invoices to be generated out on the road and for receipts to be accounted for out on the road.

To do this we used copies of Sage Instant Accounts on the vans to record the invoices and receipts, and Sage 50 at the HQ, each van had its own invoice number range.

The Invoices and receipts were updated to the HQ through via an FTP server, this could be done as often as desired during the day and even without network access sales could be complete.

The Vans can collect updated information from the HQ with new customers, products etc.

This system could be adapted for all sorts of multiple retail outlets, shops, trade counters and so on.


The main benefit apart from cost is simplicity, as Instant and Sage 50 are virtually the same product, there was no need for any specialist product training and the  learning curve was minimal, in addition the function of being able to receive of monies for account/cash customers is not a common feature.



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